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About ME

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​As a Military Brat, my life has been an adventure of constant change and exploration. Having moved a staggering 11 times, I've had the unique opportunity to call five different countries and various parts of the United States my home. My nomadic experiences have fueled my passion for the arts, which has been a part of me for as long as I can remember. Adaptability is a quality that defines me, as I embrace change and challenges with enthusiasm. Graduating from the University of Alabama (ROLL TIDE!), my family's alma mater, brought me a sense of pride, as I earned my bachelor's degree in Advertising and pursued a minor in digital media. 


Recently married, my husband and I share our home with our four cats and a pet snake. I am now focused on both my personal and professional growth, continuously developing and acquiring new skills while working towards our goal of purchasing our first home. The culinary arts have become a special place in my heart, and I find joy in cooking. Similarly, I am reconnecting with my passion for painting, eager to create art that reflects my experiences and emotions.


In my pursuit of personal enrichment, I recently became part of an all-girls book club, where I look forward to engaging in exciting literary discussions. Moreover, my husband and I have taken up biking, albeit at a leisurely pace, relishing the time we spend exploring together. My insatiable curiosity drives me to learn new things and take on challenges, both in my personal life and professional endeavors. I approach every opportunity with determination, always giving my best effort to succeed and grow. Life has presented me with a diverse tapestry of experiences, and I am eager to continue weaving it with passion, creativity, and an open mind.

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